Thank you so much for the article on the all-round patheticness of the CVS chain in Washington (“Crummy Variety Store,” 3/1). I have been a customer of the Eastern Market CVS for over three years. Just like those quoted in your article, I have had prescriptions filled late or lost altogether. The last straw was when I received the wrong medicine entirely and I cried out in frustration, “You people always screw up my prescription!” Not even thinking about the fact that the pharmacist happened to be African-American, I was shocked when he scowlingly responded by calling me a racist!

I know of at least three others who have received the wrong prescriptions from that pharmacy alone. I am from upstate New York and can tell you that the CVS in my hometown does not even vaguely resemble the CVS here on the Hill—I can only assume that since there is little competition for our pharmacy dollars here in the city, corporate headquarters ignores these branches entirely.

However, you ruined your very accurate criticism by implying that CVS is somehow in the wrong because the company doesn’t want to open less profitable stores deep in the poorest areas of the city. Well, duh! Businesses are not philanthropists or public servants; their purpose is to make a profit. Liberalism aside, running a less or not-at-all profitable store would just be…stupid.

May I suggest a follow-up discussing the dirty and understocked Washington, D.C., Safeway stores? You can start with the one at 14th and Kentucky. Eeewww.

Capitol Hill