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I chuckled at your story on CVS (“Crummy Variety Store,” 3/1), especially your complaint about having to “walk across the same dull, gray carpet and squint in the glare of the same fluorescent lights as CVS shoppers in Erlanger, Ky., and Ashtabula, Ohio.”

I live in Cleveland, Ohio, about 45 minutes west of teeny Ashtabula. In this part of Ohio, CVS is battling with Walgreens over every corner at a major intersection. But I have to say, the service I get at CVS doesn’t resemble the service you all endure in the District. My prescriptions are always ready when I stop in to pick them up. My only complaint is that the pharmacy hours have been shortened, because the company can’t find enough trained employees.

The stores are clean and bright, and the employees—mostly middle-aged and elderly women—are fairly efficient.

Maybe things are just better in the Midwestern hinterlands, huh?