Easy decadence with few surprises—that’s the secret to Girl Scout cookies and deep house music. Miguel Migs has probably never hawked a box of coconutty, caramelly, chocolaty, fiercely yummy Samoas, but the San Francisco spinner’s grooves provide similar guilt-inducing, high-fat content. Migs jumped into the biz a decade ago as lead guitarist for a Santa Cruz, Calif., reggae band, but he soon realized that knob-twiddling was less of a hassle. With the help of New York house maestro Jay Denes, Migs quickly became one of San Fran’s sexy-beat aces. A remix of Britney Spears’ “Stronger” paid the bills for a while; and Migs has since developed a soulful, low-impact style that’s perfect for a dressing-room make-out session at your local Banana Republic (or, in my case, passing out in a Thin Mint coma). Vocalist Lisa Shaw and percussionist Tony Tavarras join Migs at 10 p.m. at Club 5, 1214-B 18th St. NW. $10. (202) 331-7123. (Joe Warminsky)