Oh, I can deal with hyperconservative activists: a bitter, fetus-photo-waving protester, all bulging veins and spittle, causes me as much moral ambiguity as the question of who should be kicked off Survivor. But lefties are different, and I want to believe in their cause. It’s just that the hemp necklaces, giant puppets, and grammatically questionable chanting make me want to go home, put on some fur, and engage in the conspicuous consumption of mass-produced, multinational product. All this weekend, Critical Resistance, a national prison-reform group, will be screening films and hosting speakers to discuss the problems of the prison-industrial complex. This afternoon’s program will feature talks on police accountability and the drug war, as well as films on Cuban refugees, border policy, and that same war on drugs. It’s a good cause and, if you’re willing to take a little righteous indignation with your mind-broadening experience, well worth a visit. The Critical Resistance Film Festival runs all weekend, but today it begins at 1 p.m. at the Maya Angelou School, 1851 9th St. NW. Free. (202) 521-0377. (Brian Montopoli)