Thank you for running that article bashing local CVS stores (“Crummy Variety Store,” 3/1)—they are a nightmare! I work at 20th and M Streets NW and live in Glover Park: Too many CVSs around to count, and they are all awful!

My friends and I refer to CVS as the CVis (si-vis), like a disease. It’s so sad watching the droves of people just standing there dumbfounded, helpless, and itching for their fix (a Snickers bar, shampoo, gum, whatever). I break into a hot, prickly, annoyed sweat when I think I might have to go in there.

My co-workers and I have discovered Tschiffely Pharmacy on 19th Street to be well-stocked with essentials and to have friendly, superb service. It’s pretty small, but there is never a line, nasty service, or spilled sticky grape juice on the floor. And it fills prescriptions correctly and quickly. It’s only a block and a half farther down the street than the closest CVis, which is right across the street, and sooo worth the piece of sanity that seems to be left behind every time I step into a CVS.

Glover Park