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I write this in support of my neighborhood CVS, located at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Hall Streets NW. The cashiers are competent enough. The pharmacy, however, is tops. The head pharmacist, a lovely, helpful woman whose name escapes me, is a pleasure. She is efficient and sympathetic. Her staff is competent, but she is the star—and deserves special mention.

I’ll always go there rather than the Giant Pharmacy up at Wisconsin and Newark Streets. You can go gray waiting to be rung up, and seared in my memory is the day an older man slipped on a grape left on the floor. He hit the floor so hard the place shook. The staff gathered slowly and stood about in confusion. They left him there, lying on the floor, bleeding, while apparently running mentally through their inadequate training procedures of what to do next. I felt bad for him and stayed with him until a plan of action had been put in place.

Retail is a hard business (and I should know, having spent the better part of the ’70s and ’80s working for local stores such as Georgetown Cotton & Co., Kitchen Bazaar, and Conrans Habitat—the latter two now defunct, I might add). You’ve got to train your staff, pay them reasonably, keep them motivated, and remember that your business survives and thrives at the will of your customers. How you treat your employees is how they treat your customers.

Glover Park