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He was the smallest, the palest, the weakest. And on top of those devastating preteen setbacks, Jeff Baron, the most unfortunate boy in fourth grade, had to eat “special oranges” for lunch, which didn’t exactly help his social standing at John Robinson Elementary. Still, for all his cruel flaws, when it came to crafting paper airplanes, Baron was a flat-out ace. He’d fold and crease those origamic whizbangs until they were aerodynamic works of art. And no matter who threw his winged beauties, Baron’s bombers would sail for miles and miles, hovering on the winds of recess like perforated sea birds. The schoolyard thugs—mainly those whiffle-topped Reynolds boys who lived in the ol’ Sugar Shack—would salute the airborne beauties with envy, paying proper respects to Baron’s art before pounding the crap outta him under the jungle gym. Oh well: I have a feeling that Baron today is a wealthy commercial pilot somewhere out west—and that he’s passed his paper-plane talents down to his beautiful, popular children. Get in touch with your inner ace and let ’em fly at the Paper Airplane Derby at 3 p.m. at the College Park Aviation Museum, 1985 Cpl. Frank Scott Drive, College Park. $4 (includes museum admission). (301) 864-6029. (Sean Daly)