The hierarchy of the Austro-German down-tempo DJ world is an uncomplicated thing: Kruder & Dorfmeister constitute the royal brand name, and their kingly influence extends from Vienna into Munich’s fertile scene and beyond. Work with either K or D and you’re blessed with instant cred. Such is the life of Roland Appel and Christian Prommer—aka Fauna Flash—who pal with Peter Kruder in Voom:Voom and also get Brazilified as two-thirds of the Truby Trio with Munich colleague Rainer Truby. Despite all that exposure, Fauna Flash is mildly absorbent rather than annoyingly polyglot—instead of fawning over fashionable world beats, Appel and Prommer stay rooted in the basics. The formula has matured into something like this: Deep house? Not too lusty or too frosty. Drum ‘n’ bass? Not too obnoxious. Acid jazz? Day trips only. Dub? Prophet-free. Hiphop? Respects paid quietly. Fauna Flash will bare its essentials at 9:30 p.m. at 18th Street Lounge, 1212 18th St. $10. (202) 466-3922. (Joe Warminsky)