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On March 20, Washington Post reporter Susan Schmidt co-wrote a story with Neely Tucker summing up the final report of former Independent Counsel Robert Ray on the Whitewater affair. Schmidt subsequently received angry e-mails from Clinton supporters, claiming that her account unfairly slighted the ex-president. Two of the e-mail authors now allege that Schmidt then forwarded the correspondences to their bosses in an apparent attempt to get them in trouble. Andrew Rentschler, who works for a small college in Pennsylvania, says Schmidt sent his note to his supervisor with a one-line editorial: “Is this part of your fundraising campaign?” He adds that Schmidt tried to copy the message to the college president but misspelled his name. “I think she’s a sleazeball, a slimeball,” says Rentschler, noting that his boss frowns on using the college’s e-mail for personal gripes. Schmidt says, “I’m not going to talk about this e-mail stuff. OK?” National Editor Liz Spayd says that Schmidt has been the target of a “coordinated campaign” of Clintonites. “At some point, it can get annoying,” says Spayd. —Jason Cherkis