Congress won’t grant the District voting rights or even its own commemorative quarter. But at least Matchbox Toys is giving the city its due. If you buy 40 or more of the state-themed vehicles in Matchbox’s new “Across America” collection, you can get what the packaging touts as the “super-exclusive Washington, D.C., vehicle.” Maryland is represented in the series by a crabbing boat, and hardass Virginia gets a prowl car, but D.C. is honored with a far more impressive set of official wheels: a white limousine with chunky tail fins and a vast, blue-tinted moon roof. A logo made of red bars and stars surrounding an oval-framed Capitol dome completes the municipal pimpmobile look. Matchbox exec Vince Smart says via e-mail that the concept came from “government officials & diplomats [who] suggested motorcades to us.” —Annys Shin