Clint Eastwood is best known for playing characters such as the Man With No Name and “Dirty” Harry—men who are in control of every situation, men who can, and will, take care of any problems that arise in any fashion they see fit. Men who are…men. So, naturally, in his directorial debut, Eastwood turns his image on its head. In Play Misty for Me, the quintessential badass plays an everyday victim. Eastwood is Dave Garner, a radio DJ who has what he believes to be a one-night stand, only to find out that the standee isn’t willing to just leave the quickie at that. When the movie was originally released, many questioned the wisdom of casting Eastwood in such a role. But they missed the point. The film works because usual tough-guy Eastwood finds himself in a situation he can’t control. Play Misty for Me screens at 7 p.m. at the Library of Congress’ Pickford Theater, 101 Independence Avenue NW. Free. (202) 707-5677. (Jacob Long)