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In “Halfway to Hell” (5/17), Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Martha Pappano makes an excellent point—that halfway houses should not be placed in industrial areas—but the Federal Bureau of Prisons has granted a contract to place this one there. It is for precisely this reason that community support for the men in the facility is needed to ensure that they can reintegrate into the District to become productive members of our community.

D.C. Prisoners’ Legal Services Project has received a grant to help bring a voice to communities where new re-entry programs are opening by creating a partnership between the program and the community. We are working with the advisory neighborhood commission chairs in Ward 5 and with Bannum Inc., the halfway-house owners, to create a partnership that will benefit both the residents of the facility and the community. We will also be conducting study circles with the community to further develop the partnership. James C. Crawford, our community organizer, can be contacted for further information at (202) 775-0323.

Executive Director

D.C. Prisoners’ Legal Services Project