It’s kinda like a gang-bang porno but safer: Local turntable vet Bezerker (aka Ian Christopher) has organized 100 DJs to spin 100 records in 100 minutes in Adams Morgan, with the hope that the Guinness folks will put the event in the record books. Here’s the fun part: It’s all about climax, baby. The evening will launch at 70 bpm with Jamaican sounds, working its way sensually through the low 100s with hiphop, trance, and house. A little more than halfway through, the DJs will thrust toward the 200 bpm barrier with repeated booster stages of drum ‘n’ bass. At the apex of the rocket ride, Bezerker himself will be waiting with what he advertises as “happy hardcore,” a 200.6 bpm dash of bam-bam sunshine. Don’t worry—there will be afterglow with sets by John Bowen & DeeJay B, Resistor, and Campbell. Bring your own cigarettes. The rhythm starts at 9 p.m. at Club Heaven, 2327 18th St. NW. Free. (202) 667-4355. (Joe Warminsky)