When officials at the D.C. Jail released Michael Hamilton in March, the elated prisoner headed home for an emotional reunion with his mother. But that same night, the jail called him to say they’d made a mistake and that he owed two years on an old parole violation (“Day Out, Day In,” 4/5). Hamilton went back to jail. In April, Hamilton’s mother died, and jail officials didn’t let him attend the funeral. But two weeks ago, a D.C. Superior Court judge granted Hamilton credit for time served and ordered his release. Shortly after midnight on May 18, he walked out of D.C. Jail a free man and kept walking, in the rain, all the way to his mother’s house, three miles away in Garfield Heights. The ex-ex-prisoner didn’t bother waiting for his younger brother to come get him—in case authorities changed their mind again. “I’m still waiting for a phone call,” he says. —Annys Shin