On June 3, a Capitol Hill advisory neighborhood commission (ANC) faced what members called a “moral dilemma.” The Office of the D.C. Auditor, probing three years’ worth of the panel’s finances, had found more than $57,000 in unapproved or undocumented spending. To satisfy the auditors, ANC 6A could pretend it knew about the transactions—which occurred before many current members were in place—and sign off on them retroactively. Or, the panel could plead honest ignorance, do nothing, and see its annual city allocation of $28,000, held up since last summer, go undelivered. As it happened, doing nothing was all the advisory panel could do: Only six of the 14 ANC members showed up for the session. Commissioner Ronald T. Nelson suggests that the panel might be better off unfunded. “We function better without an office and without a budget,” he says. “We don’t need any money.” —Chris Shott