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J. Lewis Pulley has written an important and sensitive report that voices needed concern about pedestrian safety (“Crossing Over,” 5/24). There are two elements that I believe should be added.

One, any pedestrian wrongly crossing Route 1 along the corridor he describes is a hazard to safe driving. Example: At night, the road south of Fort Belvoir is almost dark. Many times, driving at proper speeds, I’ve had to make abrupt turns or stops to avoid jaywalkers lurching across the road; perhaps they are going to the store or returning to the Kennedy shelter.

Two, a solution: One matter I believe is urgent and doable is education. Could not appropriate police, social agencies, and public-service authorities initiate a campaign to explain the danger to everyone of jaywalking on Route 1?

Anecdote: In New York City in the early 20th century, immigrants suffered similar casualties from trolley cars and the new automobile, even the subway. Why? They were accustomed to horse-and-buggy speeds. The modern vehicles were faster than their concept and experience. So the result: collision, calamity, and death. Time and education helped.

Let’s try the same.