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In Exodus 12:22, Moses urged the Israelites to use hyssop plants for paintbrushes when smearing blood on their door frames; when the Lord smote Egypt by night, the marked houses would be spared. In the District, it’s the hyssop itself that needs protection. This spring’s wave of plant thefts, which has struck homegrown flowers (“Secondhand Roses,” 4/26) and government fruit (“Pick and Roll,” 5/10), also claimed a flat of hyssop and other perennials from a children’s community garden on a vacant lot at 13th and W Streets NW. Judy Tiger, head of Garden Resources of Washington, the community-gardening group behind the kids’ garden, says thieves have also made off with about eight watering cans, three $12 bags of soil, and approximately 15 gardening buckets—all told, about $200 worth of green-thumb accessories. —Joe Dempsey