TO AUG. 31

I bin ponderin’ a spell over this Butch Anthony feller, comes from down Alabammy way. He done got him an ol’ tint, like they put up over animules and clowns and all, a real “Big Top,” I figger you call it. Well, he dumped all the giraffes and tigers and little girls in spangly gittups out of it and he set to cuttin’ it up into little bitty pieces. Then he started in a-paintin’ it all kinda colors, blue an’ red an’ gold an’ what-all, with pitchers of a buncha stuff I know he ain’t never seen on it. Thar’s a mermaid and a mind-readin’ chikken named Bob Ross (Bob Ross the Mind Reading Chicken is pictured), same name as that guy painted all th’ mountins ‘n’ trees used to be on the TV, an’ thar’s the Big Foot whutcha see all’time down th’ grocery store. Anyways, I’ve looked all over on whutcha call one of them Web Sight this place called ‘Murca O Yes done got set up, but I cain’t turn up nothin’ about this thing what’s been pressin’ hard on my mind, jus’ a-grievin’ me sumpin’ awful: We all of us used t’draw as youngins, y’know, jus’ a-scratchin’ ‘roun’ in th’ dirt with a stick—peel you a nice green ‘un, I could. Kin jus’ any ol’ feller what’s got a few spare vee-hickles parked up on th’ grass and not too much of whutcha might call “City Ways,” smear some paint aroun’ a bit an’ come up with some real foldin’ money? Sign me up, Mister Gallery Man! Sign me up. “Freak Show Banners” is on view from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, and by appointment Saturday and Sunday, to Saturday, August 31, at America Oh, Yes!, 1700 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 300. Free. (202) 483-9644. (Glenn Dixon)