When I was a kid, Bach was the bane of my existence. During childhood piano lessons, time spent struggling with the German composer’s Inventions 1 through 5 forced me to miss out on crucial bike-riding time and numerous episodes of Thundercats. In fact, whenever anyone plays the first few notes of “Minuet in G,” I am still filled with regret: If I had known then that I wasn’t concert-pianist material, I’d have blown off practicing chords and focused on the adventures of Lion-O & Co. But if anyone can help me overcome my aversion to the music of Johann Sebastian, it’s the Arka Ballet. Artistic Director Roudolf Kharatian’s new one-act ballet, Bach’s Passion, is inspired movement set to the music of the master. And in performing it, the dancers in the 3-year-old company manage to accomplish something that I never could—they, in the words of my tutor, “make zee music come aliiive, dahling!” The troupe will perform Sunday at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, but tonight’s program begins at 8 p.m. at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center’s Kay Theater, University of Maryland, University Boulevard and Stadium Drive, College Park. $30. (301) 405-2787. (Sarah Godfrey)