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In: Foggy Bottom

Residents are opposing: The American Pharmaceutical Association’s plan for a new annex

Because: With the annex attached, the original building would be “not much more than a pimple.”

We say: There’s gotta be a pharmaceutical for that.

In: Tenleytown

Residents are opposing: A proposed residential and commercial megadevelopment

Because: It’ll make the area look like downtown Bethesda.

We say: Stick with the historic abandoned-Hechinger’s look.

In: Dupont Circle

Residents are opposing: MCCXXIII’s plan to add 300 seats under the trade name “Spank”

Because: Nightclubs = more trash and less parking.

We say: Who’s been a naughty NIMBY?

In: D.C.

Residents are opposing: Illegal quick-money signs and cell-phone posters

Because: They don’t make D.C. beautiful.

We say: But they make us rich! Call my cell for info!

In: North Cleveland Park/Forest Hills

Residents are opposing: The Washington Home and Hospice of Washington’s proposed parking-lot expansion

Because: Fifty trees would have to be cleared out.

We say: Hug a living tree, not comatose Uncle Sid. —Dave Nuttycombe