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Bolting from the Beltway-insider politics he parodied in 2000’s Delancey’s Way, author James McCourt redirects his

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silver-tongued, satirical voice at Hollywood in Wayfaring at Waverly in Silver Lake, the second installment in the saga of fictional movie megastar Kaye Wayfaring and her famous family. Virtually devoid of plot development, much like his previous offerings, McCourt’s latest work reads like a transcript of talk-show panelists bantering back and forth about showbiz and the seven deadly sins—two issues intrinsically linked—in various settings. “Envy is the motor of our story,” as one character so aptly declares

—a point further illustrated by the celebrity name-dropping and industry-insider jokes that run rampant throughout. Get ready for some sinful gossip, and don’t forget to pick up a batch of rune cookies on the way to McCourt’s reading at 7 p.m. at Olsson’s Books & Records, 1200 F St. NW. Free. (202) 347-3686. (Chris Shott)