I am writing in response to a letter (The Mail, 6/28) from J.D. Cerna. The Trumpet Vine Theatre Company recently produced Cerna’s one-man show, Not as Cute as Picture, at the District of Columbia Arts Center. I have been the artistic director of Trumpet Vine since 1997.

Cerna’s letter concerned a review of the production that the Washington City Paper had published (Curtain Calls, 6/14), written by Janet Hopf. Cerna disagreed with Hopf’s characterization of his play, and he had telephoned her to discuss her review. In his letter, he recounted his telephone conversation with Hopf, and he requested that the City Paper send another theater critic to attend the production.

While I continue to have the highest respect for Cerna’s talent as an actor and a playwright, I am writing to inform your paper, the theater community, and the public that Cerna telephoned Hopf entirely on his own initiative, without our company’s prior knowledge or consent. He also wrote his letter to the City Paper without our company’s prior knowledge or consent. That letter and the opinions expressed therein do not represent the views or opinions of the Trumpet Vine Theatre Company.

It is our company’s view that it is highly inappropriate for any actor or playwright to personally contact a critic regarding a review, and that such behavior is contrary to the customary and traditional practices of professional theater companies. Trumpet Vine encourages critics to attend our productions and to publish their reviews as they deem appropriate.

Trumpet Vine Theatre Company extends its apologies to Hopf, and we welcome her and all theater critics at future Trumpet Vine productions.

Artistic Director

Trumpet Vine Theatre Company