The next time you publish an op-ed piece like “Don’t Write on Me” (7/5), please don’t try to pass it off as a news story.

I came up with the idea of adding the words “D.C.” and “Taxation Without Representation,” now to be “No Taxation Without Representation” to the D.C. flag as a way to let more people in America know that D.C. residents want equal rights and that we are willing to fight for those rights. This is a continuation of the effort that added the words to D.C. license tags. Although Mike Kanin is not happy with the idea of putting words on the flag to work for our cause, he clearly is interested in the a goal of D.C. statehood; his commitment to D.C. is clear from his having had the flag tattooed on his arm. While that is not my personal choice of spreading the word, I congratulate him on his commitment.

The new flag has been carried all over the city during the D.C. marathon and other races and has been warmly received by runners and residents alike as a way to spread the word and give us pride in the city.

While I disagree with Kanin’s point of view on the flag, I appreciate the fact that he decided to write about it at all. Next time, please write an article explaining the issues before you put out an op-ed piece.

Barney Circle