In: Dupont Circle

Residents are opposing: The Embassy Row Hilton

Because: Among other things, there’s a garbage container out back that’s “very smelly” and a loud rooftop disco.

We say: Be grateful you can’t smell the disco.

In: Foxhall

Residents are opposing: Field School on Foxhall Road NW

Because: The school is “acting kind of arrogantly.”*

We say: Arrogance on Foxhall? Mais non!

In: Mount Pleasant

Residents are opposing: “An aspiring, criminally minded Martha Stewart” type**

Because: The scofflaw swiped a garden hose and jumbo trash can.

We say: That was Martha—preparing for her job in the Big House.

In: Tenleytown

Residents are opposing: The Fire Department

Because: As Tenleytown’s fire station is renovated, its fire and ambulance equipment has been moved.

We say: They’ll be back after hosing down Fort Reno rockers.

In: Capitol Hill

Residents are opposing: Republican Rep. Lee Terry of Nebraska

Because: He asked Congress to overturn a zoning decision against a proposed Boys’ Town facility.

We say: Children of the Corn VI: Attack of the Republicans

*As told to the Current

**Per the Mount Pleasant Forum