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There’s a touch of Thomas Kinkade’s populism in Moby: The musical imp’s melancholy half-pastiches have enough emotional uplift to hang on any wall in your home. But the DJ still seeks a challenge. In his role as co-producer of this year’s Area2 touring festival, Moby’s evangelical streak has him wanting to bring together a “genuinely interesting and eclectic” mix of talents. Bowie (pictured) and Busta on the same bill probably pushes someone’s envelope. But what about the Dance Tent—the electronica sideshow brought to you by PlayStation 2? Well, eclectica, as it were, gets an initial aggro boost from Dieselboy’s 45-minute drum ‘n’ bass set, but after that it’s party music by the technocracy, spinning repetition in the name of positive progressive dance vibes. Dutchman Tiesto’s romanticized Euro-pomp is reminiscent of Oakenfold; he’s an Ibiza man for all occasions. Floridian Tim Skinner’s languid techno is probably the ideal setup for a club-culture kingpin such as John Digweed, whose mature mixes should provide the most varied set of the day. Fellow U.K. vet Carl Cox will close out, probably bringing out his more calisthenic American mix to put a stake into the evening and keep the arms-akimbo techno bop on overdrive. With such uniformity, it’s hard to view the Dance Tent as an alternative to the main stage, unless, of course, you just wanna dance, dance, dance and not think about those MTV cameras. Get your dum-dum-dum on at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, July 28, at Nissan Pavilion, 7800 Cellar Door Drive, Bristow. $39.50-$59.50. (202) 432-7328. (Mark Williams)