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Comparing the District’s subway system with that of New York City’s is like contrasting your own puny paycheck with a Forbes 400 guy’s: It’s an express train to inadequacy with brief stops at jealousy and hatred. Yes, New York is hipper and grittier than D.C. Yes, New York has better people-watching and better street performers. And yes, that city’s subway is a perfect emblem of everything we’re not and wish we could be. But dammit, why does every self-loathing District resident have to hold up his town to New York’s standard? It’s not fair. So don’t do it. Instead, next time someone starts rhapsodizing about the beatitude of riding the A train to the Bronx, close your eyes and repeat after me: At least I don’t live in Hartford. Chant your way to architect Francisco Ruiz’s lecture on new stations he’s designed for New York and D.C., which begins at 6:30 p.m. at the National Building Museum, 401 F St. NW. $15. For reservations call (202) 272-2448. (Felix Gillette)