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This letter is in response to the cover article on the Dream nightclub (“Bourgie Nights,” 7/26). After seeing the cover, I was a bit titillated to see how the article would treat the club. Upon reading it, it became clear that Sarah Godfrey was a little too smitten with the place to be objective.

After visiting the club several times, I think I can safely say that all is not well at the JiggyDome. Not only is go-go music shunned, but reggae, jazz, and house are treated like stepchildren as well. The article mentions that the owner claims to do so in a conscious effort to maintain the proper crowd at Dream. This presupposes that buppie types don’t like go-go (or evidently anything else besides hiphop and R&B) and that the form almost by definition attracts an unsavory element to the club. I reside in the neighborhood near Republic Gardens (the owner’s former club) and remember several occasions when police blocked U Street NW and hauled off brawling (and sometimes bleeding) clubgoers. And the DJs played the same blinged-out beats that they spin at Dream. This just seems like a case of a club owner going beyond the role of tastemaker into taste-dictator territory.

The article also mentioned the owner’s gentlemen’s agreement with a rival club owner. There have been complaints going around the D.C. club scene for years that Dream’s owner hasn’t always been so amicable with competitors. DJs also have (quietly) complained that they are straightjacketed into spinning only the latest and greatest hiphop and R&B. None of these issues were touched upon or delved into in the story.

I would certainly like to see more articles on D.C. nightlife in the future, but next time please make sure they are more evenhanded and objective.

Columbia Heights