In regards to Jamali K. Phillips’ letter (The Mail, 8/2) complaining about Dream owner Marc Barnes: Not everyone likes go-go, and I happen not to like go-go. I love Dream for not playing go-go. Dream is one of the few clubs in D.C. my friends and I attend. If you want to listen to go-go, then go to a go-go club.

My friends and I travel from Baltimore to go to Dream. We also love Baltimore clubs, but when we want to hear regular club music, not Baltimore club music or go-go, we go to Dream.

Dream is for people who like all kinds of music and like to have fun. People have to realize that even though go-go is a D.C. thing, there are a lot of people in and around D.C. who don’t care for that type of music and will avoid it at all cost. If you don’t like what Barnes is doing, then don’t go. He won’t miss your money—there is a long line to get in every Friday and Saturday. (Why? Because Dream is a good club.)

My friends and I are also college-educated, productive, successful African-Americans, and we do not think Barnes is depriving anyone. So Marc Barnes, keep on doing what you’re doing, and the 20 to 30 of us who travel together to Dream one Friday and Saturday a month will keep on coming. The security there is superb, the bartenders are friendly, and the atmosphere is banging.