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Thanks for your informative article on D.C. police. How timely! That morning on my walk to work a police cruiser pulled over and beckoned me to the car. Concerned that something was amiss, I obliged—only to have the cop ask me, “When was the last time someone told you how beautiful you are? You really are a beautiful woman.”

“Great,” I replied, and walked away. The cop drove half a block down the street and pulled over again, waiting for me. As I walked past, he called out asking if he could take me out sometime. I was surprised and angered that I was being harassed by a police officer.

I shouldn’t have been. The previous week my apartment had been broken into and burgled. When the cops showed up, they couldn’t finish their sentences for yawning. One mentioned being so tired that he “might forget to file this report.” I later found out that their shift had started only two hours prior.

Columbia Heights