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I could not believe Tom Scocca’s comments on what Baltimore baseball fans think of Washington baseball fans (“Keep off the Grass,” 8/23). As a baseball fan from Washington, I find his comments to be completely stereotypical and, in my case, false. I show up at Orioles games an hour before gates open, in Orioles baseball paraphernalia, unlike Scocca’s purported Washington people in “corporate casual” who show up in the second inning. The only reason an usher would be leading me in the best parts of the grandstand would be to kick me out because I wouldn’t have a ticket for the seat I was in. Also, the comment about Washington fans of cell phones—I don’t even own a cell phone.

That is how I completely disagree with Scocca’s comments on the typical Washington baseball fan. Next time, he should do a little research instead of dealing with a stereotype, even in the case of someone’s opinion.

Bethesda, Md.