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Accustomed to long-running skirmishes against the latest D.C. mega-project, the D.C. Statehood Green Party’s Debby Hanrahan didn’t hesitate to make “Stop the D.C. 2012 Olympic bid!” fliers in anticipation of last week’s announcement of the U.S. finalist cities. But then the U.S. Olympic Committee stopped D.C.’s bid itself, making the fliers superfluous. “I literally had just Xeroxed 500 of these to take down to the press conference,” Hanrahan says. So she and her husband, John Hanrahan, shipped them to anti-Olympics groups in the winning cities, New York and San Francisco. “We want to recycle,” she explains. The fliers may not be fully transferable: They have “Steve Donkin for Mayor” writ large across the bottom. — Stephanie Mencimer