The Metropolitan Police Department has gotten out of the face-book business. This past spring, two 2nd District police officers began collecting personal information from Georgetown’s homeless and snapping their pictures, which they then turned over to the Georgetown Partnership, a business improvement district, (“Indigent Exposure,” 5/24). On Aug. 16, police General Counsel Terrence Ryan informed the local ACLU that the department will no longer collect such photos in Georgetown, save for identification or investigative purposes. Police Chief Charles Ramsey has ordered that police retrieve “any improper photographs,” including a booklet of the photos at the Georgetown visitors’ center on M Street. “Something should be done. It’s illegal as heck,” says Tommy, one of the individuals who was photographed. He adds, though, that the policy change comes too late: “Most of my friends have gone to Virginia. They’re scared of Georgetown.” —Annys Shin