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I commend the Washington City Paper for exposing the truth about Blaise Bartosavage (“Flash in the Panhandle,” 9/13). Perhaps now the public will stop contributing to this man’s monstrous appetite for self-destruction.

Blaise is dying from AIDS. Blaise has a laundry list of psychological problems. Blaise was abused. He has no family. Boo hoo hoo. I don’t feel sorry for this man. At every opportunity in his life, it appears, he has taken the easy way out. Should I feel sorry for him because he became a heroin addict? Should I feel sorry for him because he is dying from a disease that was self-inflicted? Should I hand him my spare change? I don’t think so.

I recently moved to DC. My fiance and I, who are both employed, could not afford an apartment in Dupont Circle. Blaise is “homeless” with an apartment that lacks air conditioning and a motel room. He wants to move to Dupont Circle—and can afford to do so with the money he’s paying to keep his other two homes. How does that seem fair?

Clearly, Blaise has ruined every chance to do something with his life. Instead of begging on the street corner like some pathetic dog, he should be using his experiences to be a motivational speaker or to work with at-risk youth in some way. However, this man still hasn’t learned any lessons from his mistakes—because of these ignorant people who throw him some loose change every day. I’m glad his mother turned him away. He deserves it. He’s a charlatan, and his present situation can only be attributed to the fact that he is lazy and thinks the world owes him something.

Get over it, Blaise.

Silver Spring, Md.