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I’m glad Chris Shott wrote about PETA’s Party Animal (Party Animals Watch, “Ethical Animal Snubs Southeast,” 9/6), since the point of the elephant statue is to remind people that elephants suffer in the circus. But his take on the issue was odd. Of course PETA wants the crying elephant to be in a highly visible area! The elephants in the circus who are being chained and beaten would want it, too.

Just this month, two circus trainers were arrested in Virginia, one for beating an elephant bloody, the other for being belligerent toward the arresting officer. Thank God someone is looking out for the elephants—80 years is a long time to be chained and trucked from city to city by a bunch of vicious circus freaks.

Rest assured, Chris, animal advocates don’t want anyone giving their money to circus-animal abusers, regardless of which side of the Anacostia they live on.

Takoma Park, Md.