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I had almost made it through “When Beavers Attack” (9/20) with the hope that all would turn out well.

Darn. What struck me was writer Felix Gillette’s effort to properly limn man’s relationship to the natural world, only to end the story with the hopes that the beaver would end up “preferably stuffed and sitting on the mantel.”

Perhaps Gillette was being facetious, but for him to say that “beavers aren’t exactly nature’s best citizens” (because man is, of course!) and then continue with the nugget that “Their whole MO is to seize prime real estate along a river…” Well, by this point I was just laughing too hard to continue.

Although some see the beaver as a pest, many ponds created by beavers will turn into meadows. Their dams help reduce erosion, and the ponds formed by the dams may create favorable habitat for many forms of life—insects, fish, birds, and mammals.

Oh, but this is getting too serious. I will just enjoy the When Animals Attack mentality and hope this story gets included on Fox television’s next installment of that award-winning show!

Great illustrations, though.

Silver Spring, Md.