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Beat the dirt out of the welcome mats, because the folks at the D.C. Heritage Tourism Coalition are having themselves a “D.C. Open House.” It’s not clear whether milk and cookies will be provided, but you can count on walking tours of 12 neighborhoods, on which you may stroll as slowly as you want, because the event is free, all free. Also free: admission to more than 40 area cultural attractions, including the Sequoia. And what’s more attractive than a 104-foot, 100-ton yacht? Possibly a longer, heavier yacht, but the formerly presidential (now privately owned) boat is the only first-class yacht in the District, and it will be available for a rare public viewing. This might be your only chance to see what $250,000 a year just for varnish looks like. Or to stand in the spot where FDR and Churchill planned D-Day, or that other spot, where Nixon decided to resign, or a third spot, where LBJ demanded the destruction of an elevator that provided handicapped access between decks so he could put in a bar to mix himself some good ol’ scotch on the rocks. It’s all going on Sunday, Oct. 6, and today; see City List for details. (Josh Levin)