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In: Palisades

Residents Are Opposing: A 25 mph speed limit

Because: Traffic needs to move faster.

We Say: Hot damn! Next year’s Cadillac Grand Prix starts on MacArthur Boulevard!

In: Cleveland Park

Residents Are Opposing: Campaign posters for unopposed candidates

Because: “[T]here’s no point in uglifying the neighborhoods.”*

We Say: Who’s calling Linda Cropp ugly?

In: Forest Hills

Residents Are Opposing: Unintelligent development

Because: “We are losing our forest. We are losing our hills.”**

We Say: “We are losing our Fog. We are losing our Bottom.”

In: Brookland

Residents Are Opposing: A D.C. Council bill to put ads on public furniture, including benches and toilets.

Because: Advertising will take over the streets.

We Say: Commodification my ass!

*As told to a neighborhood e-mail forum

**As told to the Georgetown Current—Dave Nuttycombe