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Fine article (Loose Lips, 10/4), honey, but just a few corrections:

1. Some of my jewelry is real—it’s not just costume.

2. I don’t wear hair spray—it actually just stands up on its own.

3. Not everyone thinks I don’t have a chance, so try not to discount me, my history, and my thousands of supporters.

4. My council record is strong—outstanding oversight of the Committee on Public Works and the Environment, including budgetary enhancements leading to better trash collection, pothole and road repair, and more tree-planting and maintenance; legislative initiatives that have led to tax reductions, including three sales-tax holidays; free meter parking on Saturdays and evenings; the strongest whistle-blower-protection law in the country; mandatory insurance coverage for diabetes; a comprehensive brownfields law and restrictions on government purchase of SUVs, to protect the environment. And all the while I’ve been serving as an active member and chair of the Washington Area Council

of Governments and chair of its Task Force on Homeland Security and

Emergency Preparedness.

5. Not only did a few of the Republican faithful talk me into running, but literally hundreds of people from all parties throughout the city did.

6. Although this may be a “long-shot mayoral bid,” if all the people who voted for me before vote for me now, and if all the people who over the years said they voted for me vote for me, and if all the people who asked me to run vote for me, and if all the people who have told me that they regretted not voting for me vote for me, and if all the people who want me to win but who are afraid I won’t win vote for me…I actually can win.

Member at large

D.C. Council