I first heard Kreator when I happened upon a tape of Extreme Aggression in middle school, and I was not at all prepared for what blasted through my headphones. It was simply the fastest music I had ever heard. But as time went by, it seems the band decided that playing fast wasn’t enough and that it needed to branch out and diversify its sound (almost always a bad idea). Thus, Kreator spent the late ’90s toying with samplers and keyboards, adding “morbidly beautiful” melodies and other “emotional gothic ingredients” to its songs. Fortunately, the band has come to its senses and realized that the only thing its fans care about is that speed-metal-fueled adrenaline rush—not loops, sequencers, or lush orchestration. So goodbye, melodies. Welcome back, headbanging. Kreator plays with Destruction, Cephalic Carnage, December, Psychotogen, and Krass Judgement at 4:15 p.m. at Jaxx, 6355 Rolling Road, West Springfield. $17. (703) 569-5940. (Jacob Long)