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Seven years after the glove didn’t fit, Johnnie Cochran’s second book is on the stands. And the renowned legal gunslinger really lets the bad rhyming fly in his latest memoir, A Lawyer’s Life. Rest easy, ladies and gentlemen of the jury: He’s not a suite lawyer, he’s a street lawyer. If you’re caught speeding, it’s money you’ll be needing. If you pollute, he’ll file suit. And so on. Legal hiphop aside, A Lawyer’s Life examines a healthy sampling of the highly visible cases that Cochran has taken up over the years, beginning with the tragic murder of Leonard Deadwyler by Los Angeles Police officers as he rushed his pregnant wife to the hospital in 1966. Cochran’s courtroom success stories are impressive, particularly in his struggles against police abuse, but the quickness with which he pats himself on the back and points to “pockets filled with cash” are as predictable as another bad rhyme. Catch Cochran at Olsson’s Books & Records in Arlington on Tuesday, Oct. 15, and this evening at 6 p.m. at Union Temple Baptist Church, 1225 W St. SE. Free. (202) 678-8822. (P.J. Martinez)