Adams Morgan’s self-esteem suffered a setback last week, when the renowned Compliment Man of 18th Street NW brought his career to a close. For more than a decade, panhandler-turned-praisemonger Ron Miller had cast kudos at passers-by on the street. Suzanne Hackett, 25, says Miller told her earlier this month he was moving to take a job in Jacksonville, Fla. Then he helped her hail a cab. “It’s really sad,” Hackett says, “being out and knowing you’re not going to run into him and hear him say, ‘I like your shoes.’” Alan Popovsky, owner of the restaurant and bar Felix on 18th Street, says that Miller will be working at a Publix grocery store. “Everyone loved him,” Popovsky says. “The guy was a foundation, a traditional Adams Morgan attraction. He never asked for any money. He just paid compliments to people. In this day and age, that goes a long way.” —Chris Shott