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Thank you, Shauna Miller and the Washington City Paper, for a rockin’ rundown of our film, Washington Interns Gone Bad, in Artifacts (10/18).

To avoid confusion, I wish to correct some misinformation for our audience in the greater metropolitan area. David Barrows does not lose his head. He keeps it cool but on the cheap side, plying young chicks with coke during a Washington party. His character is called the Cheap Coke Guy. It is first-time actor Kevin Sheehan, who plays Republican Prettyboy, who gets decapitated.

The fight breaks out over political differences and has nothing to do with cocaine. Because it is a scrimmage over working-class policies and other relevant issues, we decided to put the D.C. Statehood Green Party’s Adam Eidinger’s campaign slogan, “Four eyes on the prize,” in our script just prior to the head-launching. If the head-launching did occur over the denomination of bills for snorting cocaine, perhaps we would have chosen Dubya’s campaign slogan, “Seize and Deliver.”

Friendship Heights