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A brief, jazzy saxophone melody heads off into an organ-heavy, pounding krautrock piece with some out vocal and instrument sounds which then collapse into a free-jazz-ish refrain accompanied by what sounds like one of the Jerky Boys telling a story about monkeys. That’s how Need New Body’s self-titled full-length debut begins. An update on Zappa and Faust, Need New Body finds the band adding a number of Eastern-inspired melody lines and glitchy electronics to banjos, squeaky saxes, and rumbling organs. But it’s Chris Powell’s incredibly nimble drumming that holds everything together. From driving motorik beats to polyrhythmic freakouts, he infuses the band’s sound with a touch of excitement and life, even managing to make a duet with a Casio rhythm track sound freshly invigorating. Need New Body plays with Rilo Kiley and Arlo at 7:30 p.m. at the Velvet Lounge, 915 U St. NW. $5. (202) 462-7625. (Jacob Long)