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It’s safe to say that Jackass: The Movie is as funny as shit. After all, the most outrageous bit in this endless barrage of stoopid pranks, “reality” stunts, and galloping male genitalia involves a guy casually walking into a hardware store, squatting over a display toilet, and taking a rim-rattling dump in front of jaw-dropped staff and customers. Not only do lucky viewers get to hear every flatulating gurgle, but they also get a close-up of the end result. For those of you who see absolutely no humor in this twisted act of disobedience, I’m thinking this probably isn’t the flick for you—’cause if the impromptu poop doesn’t leave you queasy, the steady streams of vomit, blood, and other hideous substances certainly will. And heck, that doesn’t even include a guy snorting lines of wasabi, an alligator eating chicken out of that same guy’s ass crack, and another guy superlubing a Matchbox car into his nether regions then going to an unsuspecting doctor for an X-ray. But call me juvenile: I laughed (and squirmed) for the entire 87 minutes of this exuberant boys-will-be-boys mayhem. Jackass ran for 24 less-edgy episodes on MTV before series creator and likable ringleader Johnny Knoxville decided to call it quits. But there was stuff besides skate-ramp pratfalls and taser fights he and his crew still wanted to do—albeit stuff that could be proudly displayed only with an R rating attached. These self-labeled idiots (skateboarders, friends of skateboarders, life’s also-rans) may be warped, but they sure have balls. And they sure like to show ’em, too: The most daring of the lot, former Ringling Bros. circus boy Steve-O and sexually stunted Chris “Party Boy” Pontius, spend most of the movie strutting around in all manner of G-strings and jockstraps. Their big moment together involves Steve-O firing a bottle rocket out of his bottom—while the rocket is tied to Pontius’ wanker. Not every scene is quite so naughty, however: In one, Knoxville rents a car, enters a demolition derby, and then tries to return the mangled wreck by saying he “hit a dog.” In another, skin-and-bones Knoxville boxes heavyweight pro Butterbean in a Japanese department store. Yep, this is just the kind of black-and-blue slapstick that the teenage-boy demographic (and blissfully maladjusted adults) can’t seem to get enough of these days. Of course, if you’re desperate for an “artistic” excuse to see the movie, you should know that Spike Jonze is a co-producer. But you should also know that the acclaimed filmmaker eventually joins the mayhem, as well—dressed as an old man and popping wheelies on an electric scooter in the middle of traffic. —Sean Daly