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D.C. cable providers have long deprived viewers of popular pay-TV culture, including Talk Soup, Iron Chef, and South Park. Now the blackout is lifting, thanks to an ongoing system upgrade—but Comcast is having trouble delivering the message. While construction crews work in neighborhoods, residents are getting fliers that vaguely mention “more programming services.” Viewers are left to discover the specifics on their own. Trying to flip to ESPN, Capitol Hill resident Scott Payne pressed 69 instead of 36 and stumbled across Comedy Central. Nearby couple Jen Proctor and Tim Kasik made the same discovery, they say, and “wondered how long we had it and didn’t know.” Subscribers should have received a listing of new channels, Comcast spokesperson Mitchell Schmale says. “Oftentimes,” Schmale says, “people get something in the mail from their cable company and they throw it away.” —Chris Shott