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From a commendation posted in the lobby of Third District police headquarters:

“On June 22, 2002, Officers Labofish and Ragovanis while on uniform patrol observed…A subject traveling southbound in the 2000 block of 14th St. Northwest…riding a blue MGX Mountain Bike….While conducting a pat down for their safety the officers discovered a black nylon holster with a replica (Berretta BB-gun)…a silver colored pair of handcuffs hooked from his belt…another pair of handcuffs on the subjects right side area, in a black leather handcuff holder..a Motorola XTS 3000 radio..a black rubber handled ASP baton…

“[T]he subject stated, ‘I am a DC Protective Services Officer.’…The DC Protective Services Employee [brought to] the scene informed the officers that the subject was not a member of this department. The subject then alleged that he was a Park Ranger.” —Josh Levin