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What do you call a real-estate speculator who knowingly purchases historic property in a historic district with the sole intent of demolishing it to clear the land for future construction?

The Washington City Paper calls him a victim. According to the Orwellian spin of “Dwelling in the Past” (11/1), developer Larry Quillian is elevated to the role of martyr before the all-powerful and vindictive Capitol Hill Restoration Society (CHRS). Never mind that the society is an all-volunteer citizens’ association with no power or authority beyond expressing its opinion. Never mind that it has worked cooperatively with dozens of developers resulting in sensitive new construction in the Capitol Hill Historic District, ensuring positive results for both the developer and the neighborhood. Granting Quillian the opportunity to destroy the shotgun house only rewards his demolition by neglect and the long suffering he caused the neighbors by allowing the house to deteriorate to the point of being a major blight.

With this article, the City Paper has reached a new low for biased reporting. Your reporter has a promising future as a shill for rapacious land speculators.

Capitol Hill