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Larry Quillian is harassed by the Capitol Hill and municipal preservationists because he lets himself be victimized by them (“Dwelling in the Past,” 11/1). Ignore them, as we do in the Shaw Historic Ghetto. Developers tear down buildings, build without permits, and have crack whores and winos burn down unwanted buildings (we call it “crack lightning”) when demolition by neglect is too slow. Mau-mau right back at the city if they try to harass you. He should get some pointers in property neglect from the local churches, which rank No. 2 after the city for vacant and abandoned properties. They know the city’s laws have no teeth. We would be glad to put him in touch with the local pimps and multiple shelter operators to provide him with our home-grown “demolition outreach” services.

The preservationists, like the churches, criminals, and social services, want to keep D.C. a Third World city. Why not pay them off to get rid of that worthless shotgun shed?