When it comes to the Caribbean’s musical influence in the world beyond itself, soca’s always been reggae’s lesser cousin, and calypso’s adopted son. But if you’re looking for out-and-out Carnival atmosphere, soca’s your guy. And though it might be strange to contemplate such festivities on Turkey Day, it’s surely odder that Barbados’ 13-year Soca vets, Krosfyah, feature a song on their latest disc (Lock Down) that’s about S&M. Well, at least that seems to fit with the double-entendre tradition that is the music’s norm. Also getting such treatment are songs such as “Ride It” (superficially, a lesson on how to ride a bike) and “Fire Man” (uh, “I brought my hose, to out de fire”), plus the usual up-tempo party jump-ups, such as “Road Jam” (“Start to jump now, start to jump now”) and “Soca Train” (“Ya better hold on so, soca in control”). Grab a turkey leg and wind your waist up when Krosfyah plays with Rupee, Bobby’s Music Machine, and Sprang International at 9 p.m. at Crossroads, 4103 Baltimore Ave., Bladensburg. $20. (301) 927-1056. (Mark Williams)