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Interview with Grace Scott, 45, of Manassas. Scott was in the hourly parking lot at Dulles International Airport Nov. 25, wearing a turkey costume and a sandwich board to promote the airport’s new Pay & Go parking system.

Q: Are you a chicken? A turkey?

A: I’m supposed to be a turkey. Supposed to be.

Q: How did you find a job dressing up as a turkey?

A: Through a temp agency—I just started today.

Q: What is it that you’re advertising? A new parking system?

A: Umm—yeah. It has something to do with these parking spaces around here.

Q: Have you gotten any turkey jokes? Anyone threaten to eat you?

A: Little kids laugh at me, people laugh at me, but no one really bothers me other than that.

Q: How long have you been standing out here?

A: Since 11 this morning—I don’t know if I’ll be doing this again tomorrow. [Raises wings/arms] This thing is heavy! My back hurts. My shoulders hurt. [Removes turkey head] That’s why I keep taking it off. And [spits out tuft of fur]—it sheds. —Sarah Godfrey